Living Colorfully
Over thirty five years ago, one man decided to live colorfully, inspired by functional and stylish décor. From his college years as a student in elemental design, Doug Zander’s early interest in the design industry gained him experience and expertise. Ambition and dedication drove him gradually and distinctly down the road to forming his own company. And so Zander’s Interiors is a product of his vision, resting on a solid foundation of passion for design.

“I didn’t create Zander’s. Zander’s created itself. It was a natural product of my own desire to compose personalized projects for individual clients. My process of hand-selecting and cultivating creative, inspired minds happened over a long period of time, as I carefully surrounded myself with the best of emerging designers.”

Doug Zander· Madison, WI, 2014

From this process grew the talented design ensemble that Zander’s has today. Doug’s team of designers helps define and distinguish Zander’s Interiors, each member a unique asset, yet all sharing a passion for elegance, creativity and customer attention.

“In the hands of our designers, a blank space becomes a canvas for creativity. We view interior design as an art form for the home with incredible possibilities.”

Doug Zander· Chicago, IL, 1997

Doug Zander

Playful pastels, bold contrasts, historic or modern—each project reflects the client. Doug reaches across décor genres to assemble the finest combinations in his client’s distinctive style, because Doug’s style is his client’s style. And he has made it his mission to ensure every space is seen and felt uniquely by the client. A room is greater than the four walls containing it. It is meant to be more than lived in, it is meant to be experienced.

“When the colors, textures and patterns are all in conversation; when the elements are captivatingly cohesive; when a client’s senses are heightened and delighted; when they find themselves longing to linger…then they have experienced a room. And it is the fun of designing this experience into existence, uniquely to each client, which brings me the delight and variety in every day.”

Doug Zander· New York, 1993

Close involvement with his clients is a deep value, and having a hand in every aspect of their project is the Doug signature. From the wall color, to the tiling pattern, to hanging the mirror or choosing the accent pillows- Doug knows that no detail is insignificant.

“To ignore the little details is to leave a piece absent from a puzzle. The little details are what make the larger details so attractive, and having an eye for the small things becomes imperative to the success of a completed design.”

Doug Zander· California, 2001

His stylistic vision has summoned him around the nation, engaging a vast array of clients. Despite his varied projects, from charming hotels, to historic renovations and elegant getaways, Doug’s home base remains firmly rooted in Madison, Wisconsin. With design achievements featured in BRAVA Magazine and Madison Magazine, Doug continues to inspire his clients, enrich their homes with his talent and vision, and take absolute delight in the entire process.