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In-Studio Consultation

Your home is your haven, and your space is a place for personal expression. Zander’s designers are inspired by this notion, and are ready and waiting to help you piece together a perfect space that is truly yours. The one you have always envisioned yourself in. The one you have seen in a magazine, but have not been sure how to recreate for yourself. The one you cannot wait to come home to.

Now enter their boutique for your first in-studio consultation, an hour hand-crafted just for you. You will be introduced to a professional designer who will first answer any questions you have about working with a designer.  A lively discussion exploring all of the possible services and opportunities that would be right for you will ensue.  From there you can tour the boutique and become familiar with all that is has to offer.   After taking time to have you share the details of your design dilemmas and dreams, you will receive key advice from that experienced designer, who is eager to begin bringing your vision to life.

You, and everything you are about, are Zander’s main concern. They will ask, listen and learn about the things that make up your home. Then make suggestions that optimize the space you have, incorporating the pieces you own and introducing new elements you don’t, all while meeting your functional needs, your unique style, and your personal budget.

Once the first hour has passed, ideas swirling and a path set forth, you will likely find the decision to continue with your design journey to be an irresistible one.

What to bring for your in-studio consultation:

  • Photos of the space to be redesigned
  • Samples of  fabrics or pieces you would like to incorporate into the new design
  • Inspiration from a magazine, Pinterest, Houzz, or like source
  • General budgets and timelines

What to expect during your hour in our boutique:

  • An orientation to what working with Zander’s Interiors involves
  • An expert opinion on the main concepts behind your ideas or plans
  • A general direction or theme to consider
  • Various and customized design options introduced
  • The chance to see and touch items that may soon rest in your home
  • A basic, prioritized design plan

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“Zander’s has been a neighborhood business for many years.  I have used them for several projects, big and small, for over thirty years and have been very pleased with the service and the results.  Zander’s is open to personal preference even though you may think that what you like is not the latest trend. Their desire is client satisfaction and their concern is that the client feels comfortable in terms of design.”

– Peggy Zimdars

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