Before & After


Imbued with color inspiration from the 1930’s, the massive style capacity of this home is demonstrated over 15 years of artful adaptation in the living and dining rooms. An analogous color scheme with prominent aqua and green tones popular in the 1930’s first graces the living room to creatively infuse a traditional French style. Bergère chairs flank the large focal fireplace with its classical use of stone and versatile dentil trim molding. Coordinating colors in boldly-striped silk shantung bring the acanthus leaf chandelier comfortably into the 20thcentury; only to be jettisoned even further with the room’s next iteration.



Still with a nod to the 1930’s color palette, bolder tones of orange and rose with smaller stripes later reinvent the saber legged dining room chairs to skillfully incorporate smoky hues on the walls. Sketchy floral print drapery revises the room by bringing a joyful eclecticism, ever expanding the potential of the space to bring in new influences. A curved back chair reminiscent of the 1930’s set beneath decidedly 20th century artwork; further showcasing the room’s latest use of more streamlined forms. The more transitional upholstered chairs and ottoman craftily unify a more diverse portfolio of furnishings and artwork, as does the continuation of deep tones in thought both spaces.



Invigorated once again with a third look, the living and dining areas are dramatically transformed with a backdrop of soft neutral punctuated by juicy pops of color introduce a new sense of depth and character to the space. Articulated beautifully in the artwork, colors keep the eyes dancing and creativity flowing yet they allow the space to also nurture relaxation and calm. A bold statement on the windows maintains the necessary balance in the dining room for its chandelier; miraculously staying right at home with each redesign. The familiar is successfully re-imagined to prove once again that the perennial beauty of a well-crafted home, furnishings and accessories can be made to embody our unique sense of style at every stage of our lives.