Bold colors, dramatic art, natural elements, and animal fur – this retro living room boasts loudly of its flair for the dramatic.  Unexpected twists and turns keep the eye moving from one element to the next, while well-placed color and purposeful repetition keeps the space in balance.  Using the wall-painting as both a focal point and the inspiration from which the colors are chosen allows the room a centering point.  Gradients of blue stand as the anchor, but the triangular shape created with each accent color keep the space feeling cohesive.

Warm neutrals are the foundation which the colors are built upon; blues and pinks are used in symmetry to each other throughout the space; greens and yellows are only touched on, but their presence draws the eye back to the central painting, the source of all the inspiration.  And pattern is not shied away from, but instead is layered into the mix with subtlety, leaning on neutrals and bringing in boldness only in small doses.  It is the tasteful execution that keeps this Wildly-Retro living room in line.