Hear About Their Experiences

“Doug Zander and I have worked together for over 3 decades. He has helped me with projects big and small in my homes in Maple Bluff and Florida. Doug possesses many special gifts and always makes the work fun.

First, there is ABCD. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. He and his wonderful staff care about each and every detail of your project. Doug is incredibly experienced and has a wonderful knack with furniture, patterns, colors, fabrics and the very finishing touches which make our houses our homes. Doug also commits to staying on time and on budget.

In addition, Doug is always available, good natured, kind, considerate, thorough, capable, highly creative and savvy. I consider myself beyond lucky to have been guided his way 30 some years ago.

I would recommend Doug and his capable staff to anyone.”

Carol Yost Walsh

“Michelle works wonders! I’d learned of her talents from several neighbors whose home interiors I had admired. She is at once visionary, creative, and practical. We moved from a three story, six- bedroom, century old home to an open concept two- bedroom apartment at a retirement center in down-town Madison. I had no idea where to begin. Michelle made the process look easy; it was fun and inspiring to work with her. We were able to keep all the furniture and artwork that we really liked. Michelle created a floor plan with everything drawn to scale and, in its place, so I could envision the new space before we moved. This greatly eased the transition process. We only needed to buy two new pieces of furniture. But we also decided to buy two oriental rugs and have a few chairs reupholstered. Michelle’s selection process was exquisite. Friends are wowed when they visit us in our new surroundings.”

Carolyn Zahn-Waxler

“Initially a friend suggested we contact Zander’s Interiors to help update our living room space. Since that first encounter I’ve returned numerous times for other design projects we’ve needed professional help for. I’ve really never thought of going someplace else. I’ve relied on them for professional, up-to-date and creative solutions to our projects. They are convenient, local and fun to work with.”

Jan Zimmerman

“The unique ideas and color pallets provided by Zander’s are a look unlike any other, and that was why I was intrigued to work with them. They were able to tie my whole house together with one consistent look throughout the rooms.I’m proud of the design and the look the whole house has and I love to call it my home. There’s not one space in the entire place that I’m not ecstatic about or don’t love to entertain in!”

James Brandenburg

“My home is historic but I wanted to have a much more updated and contemporary look. Zander’s was able to help me redesign the spaces and re-envision pattern, design and color in a way that was more contemporary but still appropriate for my historic home. The design has endured through many transitions and has remained relevant and appropriate.”

Juliet Gunkel

“Zander’s is a wonderful resource for design services. I appreciate that they recognize that good taste is not measured by one particular design aesthetic or trend. They also understand that each client has their own needs in terms of lifestyle, cost, and space. Their designers have the professional talent necessary to bring your own dream design to fruition.”

Fitchburg Resident

“I’ve built a home twice and no one involved in the process is more valuable than Zander’s. Doug and Michelle helped with all aspects—from lighting design to every last detail of furnishings. Doug helped us build a home that is livable and reflects our lifestyle. A+.”

Pam Murphy

“By far, the best part of using Zanders’ is being able to work with the designers and use their expertise to shape our home into our dream house. They are able to take our ideas and visions and create a classic and stylish home where each room flows nicely together. Honestly, our house was not our home until we had Zander’s help with the design and decorating. Now, coming home feels truly relaxing and comfortable, never distracting and cold.”

Amber Reynolds

“Michelle did an amazing job for me. She was a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the result. When I rehabbed two floors of my condo Michelle helped me pick out finishes, including paint colors, wood floor stains, cabinet hardware, fixtures and even wallpaper. She suggested furniture and rugs and drew layout designs for what pieces would go where. The result of her work is a seamless integration of family heirloom pieces with new furniture that is beautifully composed. Her design sense is amazing.”

Tom Drake

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