Downtown Condo Living Offers a Fresh Take on Home

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For a Madison couple experiencing the proverbial ‘empty nest,’ creating a second venue to cultivate their new lifestyle has yielded some amazing results.

Echoing the new rhythms of a life with grown children, this downtown location with ‘big picture’ views of the city is ideal for welcoming new experiences and perspectives of all types.

Keeping the surroundings crisp and clutter-free makes ample space for the couple’s own design improvisations in the form of various artifacts and ephemera collected along the path of a life well-lived.

Without sacrificing an ounce of style, a predominantly neutral palette interwoven with key elements of soothing color and smaller scale pattern is what keeps seemingly disparate pieces in perfect harmony with one another.

Playful touches like the authentic bowler hats fashioned into kitchen lighting are the perfect capstone to a design that is both established and evolutionary at the same time.